Convert Office 365 Version Numbers to Build Numbers for SCCM Reporting

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I've written the following three PowerShell functions to build a mapping of Office 365 ProPlus version numbers (e.g. 16.0.10205.2009) to more reportable build numbers (e.g. 1806).  I've created the following three functions to start:

  • Get-Office365BuildToVersionMap
  • Get-OfficeBuildListToCase
  • Get-OfficeBuildListToSQLTable

You can find the code, as well as examples up on GitHub.

Here is a query I wrote with the table created in that third function to output the build numbers with the number of systems running that build:

 1select O365BuildToVersionMap.BuildNumber
 2     , count(*) as InstallCount
 3  from v_r_system
 5    on v_r_system.ResourceID = v_GS_OFFICE365PROPLUSCONFIGURATIONS.ResourceID
 6   and v_GS_OFFICE365PROPLUSCONFIGURATIONS.VersionToReport0 is not null
 7  join v_gs_workstation_status
 8    on v_r_system.resourceid = v_gs_workstation_status.resourceid
 9  left join O365BuildToVersionMap
10    on O365Builds.VersionNumber = v_GS_OFFICE365PROPLUSCONFIGURATIONS.VersionToReport0
11 where v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS.LastHWScan >= GetDate()-14
12 group by O365Builds.BuildNumber

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Hello there, with the naming changes in O365 products can you consider updating the code perhaps. I use your code in my environment but dont have the skill to update based on changes.

Help would be appreciated ! Thanks!