Finding the Create & Modify Dates of Google Calendar Event

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While using shared Google calendars is great way to keep yourself, your family, or your groups organized, they lack any type or real auditing at the event level.  Specifically, I often need to find out when an event was created or modified.  While this isn't available today through the GUI, it is available under the hood.  Below I'll show you step by step how to find this data.

  1. Within Google Calendar, drop down the settings gear and select Calendar Settings.
  2. Click on the Calendars link, and then click on the calendar you'd like to manage.
  3. Click on the iCal button that uses the private address of your calendar
  4. Click on the Private Address link that pops up.
  5. Save the ICS file and open it using Notepad or your favorite text editor.  Within the file, search for the item that you're looking for.  It will likely be labeled as "Summary".  Somewhere above that line will be a BEGIN:VEVENT, and slightly below will be END:VEVENT.  In between these two lines is your calendar event.  Within this event will be your create and modify dates in YYYY MM DD format, as shown below.

Google Calendar Event Text

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