Remove All Objects from an Excel Sheet

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After pasting some content into Excel 365 (2016), I found that I had brought along thousands of little objects from the source data.  These were tiny invisible objects, but they'd constantly get in the way of me clicking into a cell, because I'd inadvertently click on one of the objects instead.  While I should have just gone back and gotten a cleaner copy of the data, I decided instead to see what I could do to clean them all up.  Below are the steps I took to accomplish this.

First, I'd like to show you what I'm talking about.  In the image here, I'm trying to click on the blue cell, but you can see I've picked one of these nearly invisible objects instead.  This has activated the Drawing Tools from Excel and if I were to just start typing what I wanted to type in that cell, I end up entering text into the object instead.

To get rid of this object I could simply delete it, but there are dozens more around it ready to trip me up next.  So, I'm going to find and delete all of them.

  1. From the Home Ribbon, under Editing, Drop down the Find & Select option and click Go To Special.

  1. From the dialog box that pops up, click on the Objects radio button and click OK.

  1. You'll now see all these little problem children selected like I have below.  Press the delete key to remove them all at once.

Hopes this helps you clear out your worksheets sometime!

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