SCCM Console Setup Terminates with Exit Code 6

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If you're trying to automate the deployment of the SCCM Console through Configuration Manager, you may find that running it quietly throws something like this in AppEnforce.log:

Process 9976 terminated with exitcode: 6

For some reason, Microsoft has decided not to define a default installation path when running the console installer silently.  This is included in their documentation.  You can get around this error by simply specifying the installation path as part of your application, like so:

"ConsoleSetup.exe" /q TargetDir="%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole"

I also tick the "Run installation and uninstall program as 32-bit process on 64-bit clients" for good measure, ensuring the %ProgramFiles% will redirect properly to x86 when necessary, as the console is a 32-bit application.



Such a silly thing, and yet so annoying. Thanks for sharing.