Managing Chrome in the Enterprise

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Thanks to everyone who joined me at The Browser Summit hosted by the Charlotte Systems Management User Group and sponsored by Jeremy Moskowitz at PolicyPak.

As promised, I'm sharing my Presentation.

Additional Questions

These points came up as part of chat or the Q&A section:

  • If a specific setting is set via both cloud and GPO, the GPO will override the cloud.
  • There doesn't appear to be a way to force a policy update from the CMCM console or change the default polciy refresh time.
  • Extension IDs are unique to the extension and are assigned by Google when developers submit extensions. They do not change between versions.

Additional Information

Below please find the links and more information from the hidden slides:

Manage Chrome with GPO (ADMX)

Manage Chrome with Chrome Browser Cloud Management (CBCM)

  • Chrome Browser Cloud Management Sign-up Link
  • Google Admin Center for Cloud Management
  • Using Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer (EMIE)
  • Download Enterprise Mode Site List Manager
  • View the locally applied policies in Chrome by visiting chrome://policy/
  • View your installed extensions in Chrome with chrome://extensions/

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