Updating Microsoft Docs using GitHub and Git Bash

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In the six minute video below, I'm going to walk you through the process of forking a Microsoft Docs repository from GitHub, cloning it to your local machine, making changes, pushing those changes back into your repository, and finally creating a pull request with Microsoft to prompt them to bring your changed content into the public repository.

I'd encourage you to watch at full screen to see all of the code examples clearly.

A huge thank you to a number of people who helped me along the way:

The video is far from perfect. I spent weeks trying to make something I considered professional quality and then came to the conclusion that I'm not a professional video editor, and I should just put something together that quickly gets the knowledge across in what is hopefully a clear manner. If you're looking to deflate your ego a bit, listen to your recorded self stumble.

Requirements Slide:

The requirements slide, a few seconds in, lists the following URLs.  I'm including them here for ease of clicking:

Questions? Comments?

Post them up in the box below.  If you are looking to remark that my voice sounds funny, don't worry, I know; I don't like how it sounds recorded, either.  I also know about the minor one second audio cutout round 1:42 - my attempts to fix it just made it sound worse, so I leave it as a reminder of my imperfections in video editing :-)

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