Video: Text Manipulation in Microsoft Excel

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In this video demo I'm going to show you how concatenate strings, as well as the functions LEFT, MID, RIGHT, FIND, TRIM, and LEN, and then how to use them together to get what it is you're looking for. At the end of the demo, we'll touch on the IF function and show you how you can manipulate the table based on some set of criteria.

In order to see the text clearly, please set the video to one of the two HD options using the gear icon.

Below you can find the formulas used throughout the video:

  • Last Name (Column F): =LEFT(C2,FIND(",",C2)-1)
  • First Name (Column G): =MID(C2,FIND(",",C2)+2,LEN(C2))
  • Full Name (Column H): =TRIM(B2 & " " & G2 & " " & F2 & " " & D2)
  • State (Column I): =RIGHT(A2,2)
  • Telephone (Column J): =IF(LEFT(E2,3)="+1-",E2,"+1-" & E2)

Attachment: Text Manipulation in Microsoft Excel

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